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One objective and commitment – to simplify transportation management.

Our Founder

Established in 2013 by CEO and founder Arelis Bonilla, Aria Logistics has a distinct aim: to enhance transportation management. With a nationwide presence and operations spanning various modes of transportation, from ports to final destinations, Aria Logistics holds a pivotal position as the essential link between businesses in need of shipment services and carriers specializing in efficient transportation, with a particular focus on last-mile home delivery.

Our Focus

As a family-owned enterprise, our rapid expansion is attributable to our standout attributes: dependability and exceptional service. Our focus lies in catering to prominent retailers and ensuring the timely delivery of merchandise directly to customers’ doorsteps. As the supply chain landscape responds to heightened customer demands and advancing technologies, we remain agile, continually enhancing our array of services to meet evolving needs.

Our Mission

Aria Logistics upholds integrity, excellence, collaboration, innovation, and social responsibility as its core values. We prioritize honesty and transparency in all dealings, strive for top-notch service and solutions, foster teamwork and mutual respect, drive innovation to meet evolving needs, uphold ethical and environmentally conscious practices, and actively contribute to the welfare of the communities we serve. These values guide our decisions and actions as we navigate the logistics landscape, aiming to deliver exceptional value and service to our customers.

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