Cutting-Edge Technology Ensures Precise Deliveries

Our Technology

All carriers are equipped with the latest technology to service you better and guarantee delivery of your valuable merchandise as scheduled. The tools that are used are GPS Tracking, Cameras and Blue Tooth Technology.

GPS Tracking

The carriers are all equipped with GPS Technology where we are able to track drivers in Real Time. We monitor the stops and distance they drive to improve efficiency and reduce gas consumption.

With the service alert feature, we keep all carriers in excellent condition and perform regular maintenance. They deliver on time because of the GPS technology, and due to the size of carriers we have the capability of replacing trucks in case of emergencies.


All trucks are equipped with cameras on board.

From our corporate offices, we supervise the carriers in real time. Such technologies help us serve you better, record accidents, monitor driving habits and safety records of all carriers. Most importantly, we use such history to train new drivers and their helpers which results in less accidents and better service.

Bluetooth Technology & Rear Camera

Bluetooth technology enables the carriers and their drivers to use their cell phones to contact us, hands free to minimize distraction and reduce any chances of accidents. All drivers have an excellent driving record and their helpers assist them in parking the vehicles. In addition, new back-up cameras were added for extra safety; to reduce our insurance claims, accidents and of course minimize delivery delays from such occurrences.

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